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Playable on Windows using Oculus Rift or Quest using the Link.

A supernatural-mystery, interactive-narrative VR experience. Are the rumours of a werewolf sighting true? Talk with townspeople and explore the museum to discover what's truly happening in the small town of Evergreen.

Unnatural Freaks is a VR interactive narrative experience. where you play as Frankie, an investigator who is a part of an online vlog series. Frankie’s role is to investigate rumours of supernatural/paranormal experiences to determine if there’s any truth to them and then make a video log about it. 

In Episode 1: Wolf At Evergreen, Frankie investigates several werewolf sightings in the small town of Evergreen. By talking with the townspeople and exploring the museum, clues will emerge. Will you correctly guess what's actually happening in the town of Evergreen? 

This VR experience was made as a part of a Master's degree for Rebecca Kerr with special thanks given to Curtin University and the talented voice actors who helped bring the characters to life. The initial release is what was submitted as part of the degree, subsequential updates are to improve user interactions and any bugs that may occur.

More info found on the website: https://unnaturalfreaksstudio.com/wolf-at-evergreen/ 


wolfatevergreen_ver0.3.zip 258 MB

Install instructions

This project will only play on Windows using the Oculus Rift or Oculus Quest via Link Mode.

Once the  Oculus App is launched,  double click the .exe file.

Development log


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Hi, the new version works fine. It has a great ending! When is the next episode?

Hi, Movement stops working after Frankie speaks to Seth in the library. He ends a sentence with '...detriment to the town.' at which point you are prompted to press the arrow to continue but Seth keeps talking regardless saying 'I will add...'. After he finishes you cannot move nor press the arrow on the text. You can press the 'Go upstairs' button to visit the museum but once there, you still cannot move. I'm using a Quest2 via Virtual Desktop.

There is a lot of pressing the arrow to continue to the next sentence. Wouldn't it be better to just have an initial prompt and let them say everything?

Is it strange that Jaime calls Emma 'Em'? When Frankie calls her 'Em', she is told that she likes to be called 'Emma'. Wouldn't Jaime know this?


Thank you so much for pointing out a bug with Seth. I'll jump in solve this issue and update, when I next can.

The clicking continue was a part of the yarn spinner software used to make the dialogue branches. I chose this click style as an experiment in VR to mimic traditional games. This is the kind of feedback I was chasing, so thank you for this :) I was already planning to use a different dialogue system next time, and feedback like this helps me know it's the right choice to do so.

Thanks so much for giving the experience a go.

-Unnatural Freaks Peeps

p.s. Jaime and Emma are friends. And, Emma doesn't like strangers using her nickname